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A Paperless Agenda Solution
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NovusAGENDA is a web based solution designed to manage the entire item creation and approval process as well as meeting votes, motions and discussion.

Key Features:

  • Custom screens make item creation easy
  • Approval workflows match your business process
  • Easy to use/ easy to deploy
  • Affordable with options for most budgets
  • Web based means no software to support
  • Self hosted and remote hosting available
  • Clients own the software so you control the data
  • Unlimited use license
  • Unlimited technical support after deployment is standard

Key benefits:

  • Saves money immediately
  • Reduced paperwork
  • No lost items
  • Streamlined processes
  • Consistent information on all agenda items
  • No License fees
  • One click publishes the agenda and minutes
  • NovusBOARDVIEW empowers your board with more information

NovusBOARDVIEW is standard:

  • Log in through a secure interface
  • Make private comments as they prepare for meetings
  • View or print agenda with comments
  • Access all backup material with a mouse click
  • Do full research on past items, meetings and comments
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NovusAGENDA is an automated agenda and meeting management software solution designed specifically for organizations conducting public meetings.

The software is designed to be customized for each client so the screens used to create items are easy to use and simple to deploy.

Custom workflows mean the approval process will match your current business process minimizing change.

The unlimited use license means you can use NovusAGENDA for your board meetings in addition to other meetings at no additional cost. Add more users or more meetings without any added license fees!


  • Departmental staff log in through a secure interface and create items using forms they are already familiar with.
  • When finished they simply submit the item to preconfigured workflow or approval process for their department.
  • Departmental approvers are alerted via e-mail when items are waiting on their action.
  • Board Clerk simply previews the agenda, makes any changes and publishes it to the web with a mouse click.
  • Minutes include motions, votes, discussion and can be published in both summary and final format.
  • The public can view agenda and minutes using a simple web search page


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